Sunday, December 28, 2014

Early Starfighter Accidents (1961-1965)

The PAF lost two aircraft from induction to the start of the September 1965 war. On November 11,1963 F/O Asghar Shah while flying an air to air cine training mission entered into a spin and ejected. The mission leader, Flt Lt Farooq Umer recalls Asghar’s aircraft nose pulling up followed by oscillation with the Auto Pitch Recovery system kicking in but failing to prevent spin entry. The aircraft lost was tail number 56-802. 

The second aircraft (56-803) was lost on September 3, 1964 when Flt Lt. Tariq Masood entered a dive at a steep angle while practicing ground strafing; the pilot pulled hard to recover the aircraft and though the nose of the aircraft cleared, its tail hit the ground. This time the crash was fatal.

Both aircraft were replaced under the Mutual Aid Program by aircraft tail numbers 56-773 and 56-778.


  1. Sir, with all due respect, unless I am mistaken the replacement aircraft bore the tail number of 56 -798 (not 778). #798 is preserved today at Faisal AB, Karachi.


    1. Yes you are right! Must have been a typing error. It will be rectified.